Belarusi project cosplay
Belarusi project cosplay
Name: Natasha Baudelaire

Birthday: 9-May

Residence: Spain - Madrid

Manga lover, cosplay addicted, crazy roleplayer, yaoi fan, metal soul and lolita project.
the coolest skate ever!!!
Yesterday, I finished painting my skateboard and my Latula´s horns, and today I’ve been working on them, covering them with varnish. I think the result is pretty good! 

Also today I finished making socks and T-shirt, so I’m very happy!! But even I have no photographs. I hope to upload tomorrow. <3 

Kristoff: KiraMinami Anna:

Sometimes…. I´m so accurate (?)
the disney princesses choose the rebel way! 

When the adorable Mashi told me she was going to cosplay Merida, I was so excited!!  because of  modern Disney films, Brave is my favorite, and certainly, Mérida is my favorite too. 

Besides, it was pretty special, because I am doing cosplay to Anna …. Mashi’s Favorite disney princess   XDDD It was fun!
Cutie Mérida cosplay: by Mashi Thana

Hi, sweties! 

Wow, my last photograph of Prussia has had an amazing success! Many thanks to all. I’m excited, because it means a lot to me. I keep striving!

Tomorrow I will go to Japan weekend (the convention), finally. It will do very bad weather, and admission is expensive, so in the end I will not repeat my cosplay Ruby (Ouat) as I had planned. That makes me a little sad. So I do not know if I’ll take cosplay or normal clothes. Maybe take my cosplay Izaya Orihara, that I have not released. Who knows?

I hope it does not rain too much, and we spend a great time! I promise to bring some photos as soon as I have <3

I also want to welcome my new followers, there are a few! Thank you very much for following me, you are great!

Kiss, kiss, hug, hug


Teutonic Prussia: me
Photo: Jime-sama