Belarusi project cosplay
Belarusi project cosplay
Name: Natasha Baudelaire

Birthday: 9-May

Residence: Spain - Madrid

Manga lover, cosplay addicted, crazy roleplayer, yaoi fan, metal soul and lolita project.
"…I know you will be waiting,sleeping in your pelt.If I couldn’t have you babyNo one ever will'cause our love can't be sharedThis will be your oneLast kiss goodbyeAnd I wish you - and I wish youThis will be your oneLast kiss goodbye”
Last kiss godbye- Lordi
Photo by: Megu
After a lot of time, I finally took pictures of Meulin! I am very happy, because I did not think I would look well, but I like the result. And that is quite an achievement, yay! Hope you like it.
Photo by: Megu

Hi, sweeties!

This weekend I’ve been sick in bed :(¬†Temperatures have dropped too violently!

Yesterday I had a high fever, and spent most of the day sleeping, but, fortunately, the medicines have worked, and today I feel better ^ ^

And I have started to see some anime (By almost a month that did not put me to see anything, I accumulate the list of series!) And I’ve also worked a bit on my cosplays. Two weeks ago, I was doing cleaning closet, and I realized that a lot of my cosplays needed some kind of¬†improvement, or any part needed to finish the suit. So I have started to work with it!

Soon I’ll have some interesting photo shoots, of which I hope to speak later. I’m so excited!

Kiss-Kiss, hug-hug


wow!! in the last week I have had a lot of new followers! Hello, my sweeties! I hope we can get along and be good friends! And also hope you like my work. Nice to meet you!

America, Alfred F. Jones: by me
Photo: by megu
I DO THE  THING!!!! oh, yeah. I´m soo bored … don´t want study more today. 
Few years ago since the last time I did cosplay of Katekyo hitman Reborn! and I’m so glad do it again!
Kozato Enma: By me
Photo; by Megu
the coolest skate ever!!!
Yesterday, I finished painting my skateboard and my Latula´s horns, and today I’ve been working on them, covering them with varnish. I think the result is pretty good! 

Also today I finished making socks and T-shirt, so I’m very happy!! But even I have no photographs. I hope to upload tomorrow. <3